The pilgrim's guide to Medjugorje

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Those who go to Medjugorje don't go there for the beautiful scenery or to admire monuments and works of art, but because they are "called", and nobody leaves Medjugorje without a special souvenir: their own conversion. Our Lady came and continues to come to reawaken our dormant faith and to encourage the suffering and weary Church. Those who go to Medjugorje don't go to see something, but to meet Someone: they feel welcomed, loved, consoled and healed by the maternal presence of Mary. For this reason it can be said that Medjugorje is not a movement in the Church, but the "Church in motion", because each pilgrim that comes to this village in Bosnia-Herzegovina rediscovers the authentic and true dimension of pilgrimage, of life as a continuous pilgrimage, as a continuous return to the Father's house.

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Content of "Pilgrim's guide to Medjugorje":
• Preparing for the pilgrimage.
• Experiencing the pilgrimage.
• Coming back from the pilgrimage.

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